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Yep I like me some milk coffee & sugar! I’ve heard about Gael Faye & Edgar Sekloka band’s “Milk Coffee Sugar” over the past years, however I’ve never taken the time to see & hear what they are all about.Through my research on Gael Faye, I’ve got a tiny bit taste of their artistry and I respect it:) They seem very organic about their art, the way they live it, the way they share it..mmm without fuss they grow in their projects, I like that aproach to work. Today’s post is about Gael, I’ll write about Edgar later.Gael lived is half Rwandan, half French, he lived in Bujumbara until the war struck.Already in love with words, when he moved to France he took writing class at his local art center.That’s how he met his Cameroonian French acolyte Edgar and the Milk Coffee Sugar adventure started in 2004.And since then they’ve

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Holla you guys continuing with the Friday Blessing Series, I’ve asked my new friend & lil’ sista Khady Sow to share how spirituality affects her everyday life, the importance of Blessed Friday in her personal life.If just like Khady you would like to share how spirituality affects your life send me an email at fabulafricana@yahoo.com.Thank you Khady for sharing, have a blessed friday you guys:) Hi my name is Khady Sow, I am 19yrs old and I was born in Senegal, West Africa, but I live in Holland. I wasnt really raised according the Islam, but my mom raised me and my siblings in order to be good people. She thaught us to give to people who need it. Not to be selfish and to be honest. I wasn’t raised religious but for myself I always believed in God. I thanked him  for my life since I was young and talked to


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Once again back at CCF , I truly shouldn’t pay anymore to attend events  that place is like a second home:) Anywhoo last friday my boyz & girls from the Vendredi Slam group had an event in collaboration with a French slam group, On a Slame sur la Lune.They’ve been to Dakar before but for whatever reason I’ve never experienced until this past weekend.My good high school friend Racky ( who by the way  is an amazing fashion photographer)was in town, we hadn’t seen each other in over ten years so this was the perfect time to hang out and live just for a few hours on the moon:) The Vendredi Slam group did their thang as usual, we dreamed along with them, talked love , self respect, activism, laughed, respected our traditions comme d’hab.I really enjoyed Jabir’s piece about love, MFT ‘s 23 years old proud & prouder self

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Salamalekoum, hope you all are doing well:) I’m doing good Alhamdoulilah & I would do even better if I could attend the Sing the Truth tour. If you know me well enough, you would  know that two of my fav’women  are Lizz Wright & Angelique Kidjo.While I was living in NY, I’ve got to see Lizz twice and even took a pic with her yes she even asked me where I was from lol ( I know I’m bragging lol). Angelique on the other hand, performed during the Summer Jam series in Central Park & I of course  was there singing all & I took a pic with her as well lol. Anywhoo let’s get back to the Sing the Truth tour, all three divas met throughout the years in the various cities where music would take them. Sing the Truth is a music production that celebrates the lives of

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Saint Louis la Belle Visting you was nice, Leaving you not so much ! Good morning close to three AM here in Saint Louis awaiting the cab that will take me back to Dakar, my amore.I had a wonderful, wonderful sereine time in Ndaar, I totally got into chill mode, spend time with me, talked to my soul, walked my shoes off, met some amazing & inspiring women,the end good bye lol, now know that I have a St Louis story to share ;The him in my life hooked me up with his friend Banda who was my generous host for this 2 days trip.I had planned on attending a few vernissages but that quite didn’t happen, actually I wanted to support one of my elders in the world of photography Fatou Kande Senghor who is currently exhibiting her work at Comptoir des Fleuves II (in the South side of the


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Salam my people, how are y’all? Hope all is good.First of all let me start by paying respect to the memory of Senegalese soccer player Jules Francois Bertrand Bocande who passed away last week,  the entire country celebrated officially his life & career @ the Demba Diop Stadium, may he rest in peace….. Aight you guys today was a good & productive day:) I  stopped by the Sonatel Fondation for a nice vernissage.I ran into painter Aminata Diop who was invited to showcase her work.The Sonatel Fondation is big on supporting & promoting local young artists from Dakar & other Senegalese regions.Aminata introduced me to her friend & fellow visual artist Dieynabou Balde, loved her work (check the pics) They both graduated from the Dakar  Beaux Art school (will try to interview Dieynabou in the future ). There were many pieces I liked there by artists such as Joseph Coly,Mbaye


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Me revoila for my little Biennale Moments:) So yesterday afternoon & today were slow Biennale days for me, actually this afternoon I didn’t go anywhere, I rested & I   worked out, needed  to:) Yesterday my friend & I visited Ambre deco shop over at the Almadies ,we got 2 see beautiful art by Diompy & another Burkinabe artist (don’t recall his name but I loved the sculptures), by the way Ambre is a nice deco shop where you’ll find all kinds of fun stuff like senegalese inspired coasters, wax house linen, that kind of stuff. Afterwards , we made our way towards Keur Dasha, an art gallery owned by designer Dasha Nicoue, nice house, nice backyard by the way.There I was really happy to meet 2 women that I admired for their work, Carole Diop editor in chief of www.afrikadaa.com & Pascale Obolo who’s a painter, a film director, she’s

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By Whom: Akoussa Reppin’: Ivory Coast What’s her story:I’ve seen akan jewelry done before, yes the concept is not new however Akoussou way of working with the famous ivorian goldweights & stones is refreshing, modern & refined.I saw her jewelry on the webbie of blogfriend, Cynthia (hey sista) & I loved loved it, had to find out more abt her & so… I did:).Akoussou love for making jewelry came from her admiration for her grandma.The Akan eldery woman taught our designer how to work with perls. However jewelry wasn’t her only passion, helping children in war areas was another passion of hers. She studies humanitarian law , worked helping fight for children-soldiers in the Congo area.In 2005 ,while pregnant with her first child she dabbed into her passion ,made some research about akan jewelry back home & in Europe ,& set a store over @ Etsy. You can tell that

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Hello you guys, I figured that I would go ahead and share about today’s journey. It started with a good old paella at my friend Yacine’s brotha’s house, thanks for the paella Ouleye(his wife), you are an awesome cook & host…Belly full & happy we went to Douta Seck where women in architecture showcased via images & videos their work..Ohhh I was so happy because I’ve been meaning to share the work of  Cameroonian architect Francoise N’thepe but just like I was explaining to her I wasn’t lucky finding suitable press pictures.Afterward we made our way toward Gaal Gui art gallery where Edu & Mbaye were showcasing their work, I love their space ,the goldish & yellow tones of the walls compliment their paintings.Everybody was really nice towards us , we couldn’t stay long because we had to go see other exhibits, but def’ if you are in town go

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Salamalekoum err’body How are y’all , hope you are spending beautifully your saturday:) Life is good Alhamdoulilah , I had a buzy friday afternnon & evening.Dak’Art is rich in beautiful events & it’s taking shape slowly & surely.There are so many international artsy people in town, whether act collectors, artists, writers, art comissioners ect. Going from one place to another you’re sure 2 bump into people you’ve met at another place earlier in the day lol, love to see the afropean sense of style as well.Yacine , Mimi & I met at IFAN which I was happy to see renovated, because a couple of years ago it wad a real tragedy.Our Culture Minister & beloved Musician Youssou Ndour was in the place , it’s nice to see him working his new title, and I think being that he comes from a musical background he has a bit of knowledge on

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