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Rahme Wetterich & her sister Marie Darouiche came up with a cool african inspired version of the traditional Bavarian Dirndl.Their brand Noh Nee is nicely accepted by local fashionistas in their hometown Munich.I love the colors, the little tablier it reminds me of my childhood when we would wear little dresses like this paired with ballerinas.Nice to see that we can still do it as adults represent our culture yet stay modern.If you pay close attention to the dresses , you’ll see that they mix and match various fabrics, they may use a wax fabric and pair it with an animal print fabric, little details def’ make a difference.http://www.dirndlalafricaine.com Yaye

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I totally get what executive producer Nosarieme Garrick is trying non will do with this 8 Parts documentary (the series will be available mid 2013) on what  Africans are really doing.I gets the project so much because that’s what my webbie is about; showing our talents and our thirst for growth.Nosa has written for publications like Afripop,Sahara Reports so she knows what she’s talking about.In the trailer she goes to her home country Nigeria and meets up with a nigerian photography collective and follows them as they carry on with their projects. In the kickstarter video she interviews people like Sean Jacobs  the founder of “Africa is a country”, Tigist Selam an Ethiopian German actress and other fabulous african media key players .So the plan is to start shooting in Africa starting October, meeting young people with cool ideas making it and bringing social change in our continent.There’s a big


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Soavina is by trade an architect, having to study for his courses urbanism, he found himself playing with his camera around the under privileged neighberhoods of his hometown Antananarivo. People who have architectural background make interesting artists I find. Soavina has showcased his work in France, Berlin in Bamako where he took part @the Rencontres Photographique de Bamako (by the way with all the political tension I’m not sure what will become of that festival).I was checking out some of his work on his webbie & I really like the series he called ” Les Lutteurs” being that wrestling is HUGE in my country it’s nice to see that that even in Madagascar it’s a current sport. I also liked the series ” Ecole d’art au village” a series on local malgachy kids learning art @ school, do visit his webbie he has interesting work. Soavina also does video work,

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J’adore laissez moi le redire  j’adore cette marque:) ohh the colors are harmonious, the decor products are easy to look @. Former textile designer Anne Marie Chaoui opened her first showroom in Marrakech in 2000, today her son opened another “scenes de lin” showroom in Paris. The line include maroccan with a modern twist home furniture, house & bathroom linen, luminary & decorative items. Everything is pretty much locally made by embroiders,weavers ect.A lot of riads & hotels in Marocco use their services , well looking at the quality of the work no wonder rite? I like lots:)  http://www.scenesdelin.com J’adore ze soft pink atitude Yaye

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Both pictures reflect my state of mind today, passionate,on the go but physically a bit tired, I blame it on me staying up late at night on my computer.I have a problem sleeping seriously & it’s starting to worry me a bit:( …:) any solutions ? have a blessed day:) Yaye

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Beauty, Brains & Heart! Mari Malek is a succesful New York model & DJ who could have just chosen 2 living it up carefree. Hower raised by a giving mother, affected by  the South & North Sudan conflict ,once she was reunited with her cousin Dut Leek Deng (one of the “Lost boy of Sudan”) they decided to do something & created the Southern Sudan Initiatve. The goal of this organization is to help the southern sudane community through clean water, developing agriculture,promoting academic education,providing & training medical healthcare services, tout un bon programme! Part of Mari aka Dj Stilleto’s efforts revolve under fundraising cocktail parties or mini fashion shows.If you can’t attend her events, you can sponsor the building of a water well by donating money.Mari was honored for her work last year at the Black Girls Rock Bet Event. http://www.watercreateslife.blogspot.com/ & http://southernsudaninitiatives.org/site/ Yaye


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Estelle is one my fav’performer, she’s sassy, she has a unique sound, she’s a gifted songwriter and she’s half Senegalese, what’s there not to like?:)She recently teamed with Vibe Magazine & Rosa Regale to present her latest project “All of me” to lucky fans.If you live in the states, you can tweet to win a pair of tickets, why not? For more info go @ http://www.vibe.com/article/vibe-giveaway-tweet-win-tickets-estelles-rosa-regale-invite-only-tour or  http://www.estellemusic.com Yaye

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Selima Salaun comes out as  a succesful woman with a good sense of fun & a thirst for good living. She was born in Tunisia, lived in France where she studied and became an optometrist. She currently resides with her hubby & two children in the Big Apple.The North African born entrepreneur has 8 shops in between NY, Paris & LA. Selima got  New Yorker fever when she would travel there in the mid nineties while working for Alain Mikli. When she decided that she was ready to put her name behind glasses, she knew Ny would be the right fit, she’s in love with the spirit of the town, the creativity, the people, the events everything inspires her , Newwww York concrete jungle where dreams are made of there’s nothing you can’t do as Alicia Keys would say:). Today she’s a respected member of the Council of American Designers,

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