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I remenber a few years ago hearing about Sista Fa one of the first Senegalese female MC  working on a documentary to educate people about FGM.The film project is entitled “Saraba” & has been shown at various festivals around the world. Sista Fa was one of the very first female hip hop artist to be in the spotlight ,indeed back in the early 2000 . She met her Austrian hubby in Dakar when he was conducting a documentary . Love happened and they moved to Berlin and now are parents to a daughter. What I like about Sister Fa’s story is that she once she got in Berlin, she took advantages of the the opportunities in the Western world to refine her sound & put together a band. Her sound is a mix of hip hop, jazz, folk and african music. It’s good to have artists like her who do

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French Photographer Baudouin published a beautiful photography book with images of 75 Parisian women.The idea was to invite himself in the personal spaces of those women that he didn’t know personally but were either referred to him or that  he met randomly in the streets of Paris. The pictures were taken over the course of 6 years & what’s cool about it  is that you find all kinds of women: white, young, tall, blonde, brune, black ect..Speaking of black I was happy to see 2 sistas of African descent represented: Cameroonian French Nelly Mbonou the co founder of the fashion brand June Shop & Tunisian/Ivoirian/French singer Laeticia Dana, go on sistas:) http://www.baudouin.fr/ Yaye

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Salam people, happy saturday you guyz:) Thanks for choosing to stop by my place, grateful:) So the last time I talked about Aissate was back in 2008 on my former blog “cos we african women are doing it and doing it well” .I can’t believe that it’s been that long since I’ve been writing already, but anywhoo you can find the piece here:http://www.fabulafricana.com/?p=836 Checking back with her now in 2013, she’s still doing her thing, she has an album out called “Mieux vaut rire” (go girl) She’s also taking full advantage of  the social media world.She’s been interviewed by french local TV’s ,has great marketing promotion behind her, bref she has a team of people who believe in her and her talent. I was saddened to hear that she lost her brother, she credits him with inspiring her to keep going with her music. Aissate is still  chapmaning with her

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I’ve been stalking following Indonesian & Malaysian Muslimah bloggers for a while now. Yes I lenjoy their posts on faith,  family life, husbands, kids and their fierce & modest fashion style. Fifi Alvianto the editor in chief of Laiqa Magazine is one of my fav’ muslimah blogger. I was excited when she announced last year that she was launching her own magazine Laiqa.From the look of it Laiqa has a promising future, cool layouts, great photography but most importantly it’s a contemporary magazine geared towards” today Muslimahs”! Good luck & long life to Laiqa:) http://laiqamagz.com/ Yaye

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Hello you guz, happy blessed friday & February 1st:) Time is running, hope you are taking full advantage of it to live your best life:) Last year in Dakar we tackled in a large scale the controversial problem of skin bleaching following the advertisement of a bleaching cream on advertising panels all over the city. A counter-attack campaign was born called Nuul Kuk, which in the Woloff dialect means black , black as hell lol just kidding ..Anywhoo that was really the first time  we saw part of the youth talk  via social media about their love for our natural beautiful skin. That being said, I find the short movie ” Yellow Fever” by Kenyan filmaker Ng’endo right on the topic & at the same time it makes me realize that all throughout Africa there is a really serious problem of identity. Ng’endo presented this 6 minutes animated movie as

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