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There you go “calculus lovers”, here’s the exact arithmetic Fabulafricana formula.

Holla tout le monde, me llamo Yaye Marie Ba but please call me Yaye!

I’m the product of the union between my Senegalese/Malian-Guinean papa and my profoundly prouuuuuuuud Malian mother (Vive Sikasso….happy now mum lol?!!)

What happened to my Former blog?

I started a blog in 2006 called “Cos we African women are doing it & doing it well” that taught me so much about our continent’s present and beautiful future.

I don’t know if you had similar experiences as mine in college overseas; however I was frequently asked on campus if I knew such and such African student s from various parts of our continent. While living in America, I realized that for some non-African people the belief is that we Mama Africa’s children knew about each other’s cultures and traditions thoroughly.

I also made friends with people from the east/west/north/south sides of Africa & as time went by, I grew more and more curious about the lives of women & men (vive nos hommes) living in African countries  such as Morocco, Tanzania ,Rwanda,Ivory Coast, the Diaspora ect….

I wondered if we shared the same aspirations, what set us apart, & most importantly what are we achieving individually & collectively that’s going unnoticed by our peers.

One of my goals on this particular platform is to showcase us in all our” fabulosity”, because believe me, we are  fa..bu…lous!!

Through my 5 years of yo-yo blogging (bloggers will understand), I’ve had the chance to write about and meet some interesting artists, entrepreneurs, social activists, bloggers ect….

I’ve also had the great privilege of interacting with readers that would take the time to send me emails encouraging me to come back when I would disappear from the blogosphere.

Late 2010, I took a break from blogging, regrouped, experienced some highs and lows comme tout le monde but LIVED :)

It’s 2011 & I’m so readyyyyyyy to embark on this new “fingers LOVE computer” journey…..I’ve missed you all old & new visitors…

This time, I will also share some of my photography work (the website background is a collage of pictures I took at various events in Dakar, Senegal).

When sometimes I’ll make mistakes & I’m sure I will, please bear with me, send me emails if you can and I will make sure to correct them. On another note, if you would like to be featured as a guest contributor, send me an email and we’ll figure out together the best way to make your voice  heard!!

On est Ensemble =We are One”

as we say here in Dakar …I used to think that that sentence was so cheesy but it makes total sense to me now!!

Fabulafricana is about us African people, so it’s you South African brotha, it’s you Egyptian sista, it’s you Burkinabe mama, it’s you Congolese frère..yes you and toi, et vous…. Africa is  humanity’s birthplace.

Fabulafricana is about making you say “waouh there’s nothing stopping me from achieving my goals, I may be from a continent that’s struggling economically, but we are strong and look at what we can do, what we did in 50 years, are doing & will do”

Through the main columns,  I hope to showcase Fabulafricans who are “going at it”  in various areas such as music, social activism ,sports ,new media ,design, visual arts ,performing arts…ect…

I would have done my job if you readers have a better knowledge of what’s positively happening in African & within the Diaspora.

But Why the use of the English language  yaye?

I wanted to connect with my African brothers and sisters on a broader level, English being the most widely spoken language in the world I figured “it was the way the way to go” (sorry my Mietou *a soul sista of mine who keep asking me why English yaye,just tell mewhy lol)

Of course life “ain’t” just about coupe decale dance moves, the latest Ayo album or Solly Cisse artwork, however culture  adds color to our lives, it gives us a sense of serenity, & joy  to “push on through” on a daily basis…

Shout out to all the beautiful bloggers out there, people that started around the same time as I did and who are still doing it well : )

I know ! I know  this is no Mobo or MTV Africa Award show but please allow me to thank Allah & the beautiful people who encouraged me to believe in my dreams and keep pushing…I’m one of those annoying people that say thank you all the time…yes you know one of those lol…so of course I had to prove my people rite non?:)

So…..Diaramaaaaaaa mille fois:)

If you have any questions, suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me at:

Let’s make our ancestors proud!!

Eyeee Wayeee: )

Let’s go June 23rd 2011-………………………………



  1. Adama Macalou-Diop says:

    “Bisso Na Bisso” (the meaning) sister!
    I wish you much luck, discovery and enlightment on this Fabulous journey you are embarking on. Trust that we’ll be there every step of the way encouraging you and supporting you as long-standing fans of your previous work. Bravo Yaye!

  2. Aida says:

    We sure are Fabulous Yaye! I really like your post, very interesting and this make even prouder!!!

    • Aida says:

      We sure are Fabulous Yaye! I really like your post, very interesting and this make me even prouder!!!

  3. natty says:

    Here we gooooo !!!! Im proud of u! Lets spread this fgabulosity!!!!
    keep it up

  4. Khady B says:

    Welcome back dear sister!
    The blog looks great and I’m looking forward to reading and seeing more from you!

  5. nianidiallo says:

    Bonjour Yaye Marie BA.
    J’ai salué ton courrage et ta bravoure à vouloir réussir quand je t’ai suivi le 28 Juillet à l’émission dénommée ”KINKELIBA” de la RTS.
    Désormais tu peux me compter parmi les adeptes de ston site.
    Merci et encore du courrage.

  6. BouliDialoNdoye says:

    Yaye, I just discovered your site and I love and I am so proud that some of us take the initiative and the courage to embark in the journey of celebrating our milles et une beaute … Merci de nous representer tous , courage et bien sur le support sera toujours la.. Une soeur,

  7. dede says:

    Authenticity has always defined you, thats why your wrting touch me.
    Qu’ALLAH te protege et t’assiste, always ma sis’

  8. Isla Haddow-Flood says:

    Dear Fabulafricana,

    Celebrate Africa, Rise to the WikiAfrica Challenge!

    Wikipedia is the world’s largest collection of global knowledge that is accessible to all. And yet, due to a range of reasons, the wealth of information on Africa has not yet made it onto Wikipedia. What information that has made it onto Wikipedia is often selective, out-of-context and incomplete.

    Africa deserves a new deal – and especially in Wikipedia.

    This Africa Day we would like you to begin to redress this balance. WikiAfrica needs YOUR knowledge, your passion, your help.

    Click on this link to learn more and enter:

    Thank you!
    Isla Haddow-Flood

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