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Just a few years ago , we Fabulafricanas were not really present in the high end shoe line game except for Togolese shoe designer Estelle Yomeda. Today the industry can count on Afua Dabanka. This shoealcoholic grew up in Germany where she started her career in finance. A few years ago she decided to go after her passion and get her Mosaique ‘on . Her shoes are manifactured in Italia home to great shoe makers & just like Christian Loubouttin had its red soles, Mosaique ‘s symbolic  Aya sign  which represents perseverance despite adversity is engraved on the sole of each shoe. The line is diverse, kitten heels a la FLOTUS, oxford shoes, suede sandals, glamorous pumps, sexy boots in all kinds of colorful tones. Coming back from a business background, Afua def’ understands the promotion work that involves a successful venture. She travelled back to Ghana this past june  in order to officially launch her line.Marketting wise I like the fact that her ad campaigns are world friendly, what I mean is that there could be a caucasian or a black woman on the ad, or she could choose to showcase ballerina shoes with an african twist. She talks to the woman who isn’t afraid to showcase the diva inside of her.I also read that every shoe that she sells she makes sure to keep one sample for her mother who’s her role model…I like:)

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