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Selima Salaun comes out as  a succesful woman with a good sense of fun & a thirst for good living. She was born in Tunisia, lived in France where she studied and became an optometrist. She currently resides with her hubby & two children in the Big Apple.The North African born entrepreneur has 8 shops in between NY, Paris & LA. Selima got  New Yorker fever when she would travel there in the mid nineties while working for Alain Mikli. When she decided that she was ready to put her name behind glasses, she knew Ny would be the right fit, she’s in love with the spirit of the town, the creativity, the people, the events everything inspires her , Newwww York concrete jungle where dreams are made of there’s nothing you can’t do as Alicia Keys would say:). Today she’s a respected member of the Council of American Designers, yep along the sides of Michael Kors, Diane VF ect.Some of the celebs that wear her line include Ryan Gossling, Eva Mendes, June Ambrose In a world where I feel lots of people who consider themselves fashionable wear the standard Jackie O style of sunglasses I find her line refreshing, with the various lenses sizes, the play of colors…In an interview with, she shares that she would rather gift people like the regular UPS guys than celebs simply because her luxurious glasses are def’ affordable for them ( I like her mentality) Selima not only focuses on beautiful lenses, but she also shares her love for umbrellas, and hats…funky hats, caps, turbans . Matter of fact Ri Ri was snapped wearing one of her turban designs on one of her many exotic  trips (if you were wondering YES  I’m jealous lol) For now you can buy her glasses at her funky stores, or at J Crew but don’t be surprised if  you  ever see them at Targeeee or H&M, Selima please do:) /

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