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Beauty, Brains & Heart! Mari Malek is a succesful New York model & DJ who could have just chosen 2 living it up carefree. Hower raised by a giving mother, affected by  the South & North Sudan conflict ,once she was reunited with her cousin Dut Leek Deng (one of the “Lost boy of Sudan”) they decided to do something & created the Southern Sudan Initiatve. The goal of this organization is to help the southern sudane community through clean water, developing agriculture,promoting academic education,providing & training medical healthcare services, tout un bon programme! Part of Mari aka Dj Stilleto’s efforts revolve under fundraising cocktail parties or mini fashion shows.If you can’t attend her events, you can sponsor the building of a water well by donating money.Mari was honored for her work last year at the Black Girls Rock Bet Event. &

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