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I totally get what executive producer Nosarieme Garrick is trying non will do with this 8 Parts documentary (the series will be available mid 2013) on what  Africans are really doing.I gets the project so much because that’s what my webbie is about; showing our talents and our thirst for growth.Nosa has written for publications like Afripop,Sahara Reports so she knows what she’s talking about.In the trailer she goes to her home country Nigeria and meets up with a nigerian photography collective and follows them as they carry on with their projects. In the kickstarter video she interviews people like Sean Jacobs  the founder of “Africa is a country”, Tigist Selam an Ethiopian German actress and other fabulous african media key players .So the plan is to start shooting in Africa starting October, meeting young people with cool ideas making it and bringing social change in our continent.There’s a big misconception about our continent, outsiders tend to think that we are ignorant, not really ambitious, poor bref everyday is Armagedon for us.Being that I live at home I’ll be the first to say Hell No, yes there are problems & struggles, but yes there is hapiness and innovation. Nosa & the rest of the MYAFRICAIS team is buzy working at raising capital for this project if you would like to help please go @ /

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