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Hello you guyz, it’s vraiment been a solid minute:) I hope all is well & that despite the hurdles we all face, vous gardez la joy:)

This upcoming first  weekend of December( Saturday Dec’ 1st & Sunday Dec’2nd) ,my brave & innovative friend Astu Seck is hosting for the second time in a row, le Salon du Bien Etre! I’m really excited about it, it’s a great initiative where women & men discover great natural products such as natural oils, skincare products, hair products. But that’s not all, last year I chatted with a Malian lady who makes homemade liquid soap for cleaning dishes, nice right! It’s also a great opportunity to chat and learn from various experts, for example this year I’m really excited to talk with a yoga expert; I really would like to experience more of that soothing yet demanding sport this upcoming year so I can “woosaa” on the regular lol:) The entrance ticket price is of 2500 CFA Francs ( not bad at all), during the day there will be a few workshops on topics like yoga, natural hair care with celebrity hair stylist Felicia Leatherwood, ethiopatie, eating well, good living.They also will offer free gym classes, bref I def’ suggest you guyz come :) Before I forget, there’s amazing prizes to win like a roundtrip ticket Dakar -New York:)


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