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In the Name of Allah Subhanala

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Happy New Year 2013,wishing you plenty of beautiful unexpected life surprises, u know those that make u  say I didn’t see this coming u know J Anywhoo 2012 ended on a wonderful note, I got married and now that I’ve experienced a traditional Malian marriage ceremony I guess I can now tell you sorta kinda what to expect if you will be attending or having one.Never in a million of years had I thought that I would have a traditional « big » wedding but I did Mash’Allah.What I expected to be a small affair turned into a beautiful complex yet simply organized family affair.People flew in, drove, took  boats, to be with me & help  celebrate the him in my life and I’s day. Family is just amazing, the efforts they can all put together to be present for another family member’s big day is just amazing. The « Bamako crew »as I call them affectionatly turned up in a big way ;  my aunts on my maternal side came through, the loud ones, the funny ones, the take in charge ones,the quiet ones, the bossy ones  bref mother & I were surrounded by love.


The him & I had decided not to throw a reception but have a traditional wedding  nevertheless I still wanted to incorporate some modern elements, for example I gifted  the women with malian beaded colorful bracelets as wedding favors, & for the men I offered dried fruits like dates melons with a cute lil tag J I was ready for my aunties ideas but I wasn’t ready for them to take over & they diiiiid for the most part J I was glad to stay at my cousin’s Touty where the wedding would take place far away from the loud and inquisitive minds of my lovely aunts. There my sista Sheeva from back in them college days & I were able to catch up, laugh talk very late.Back at my parents house, the women were buzy listening to traditional music, eating, getting the food ready for the weekend fiesta.I just couldn’t believe how serious they were about making this a perfect affair, mum got tense and so serious & I thought to myself really mum ?!. The him was buzy on his side with his family trying to figure out how this malian -senegalese union was going to go down. Fortunately a family friend of theirs who turned out to be a cousin was really helpful in explaining some of the malian traditions

part of the Bamako crew

part of the Bamako crew

The day before the wedding a few girlfriends and I got together for a manicure pedicure session, it was fun , the blogger in me bombarded them with questions since most of them were hapilly married.We had an amazing time , thank u galfriends.After finding Sheeva’s outfit , we went back to my cousin’s house for a fun henna session, my cousin , friends & I stayed up late talking lingerie and getting excited for the following day. Wedding day morning, I was told to be up really early which didn’t make any sense, since I didn’t get dressed until sometimes 11 .

Around 10 AM, my aunts came through and proceded to put a veil covering my head & face, my wedding godmother Tantie Amy Paul made me sit and stand up 4 times before they left the room moved and crying. I didn’t know about that tradition and was trying to figure out at the same time  if I was going to have a cameraman or not, giving directions to my dedicated friends.Finally an hour later the make up extraordinaire that is Mado came and made me beautiful, shades of gold, purple, she knew that i didn’t like extravagant make up and she did a wonderful job.

Sheeva my friend of 14years ended up crying,,which was really sweet J What I didn’t know about my wedding is that I would be cut from participating in the festivities, I knew the him & I wouldnt see each other until the evening but I thought that I would at least go downstairs enjoy the live band ect but no ,my girlfriends came through looking all kinds of colorful beautiful, I was proud of them & it dawned on me that we are now all grown women.We stayed upstaires, chatting, chilling ect, this was a first for them as well not being able to go downstairs at your own wedding.From time to time family and friends would come up to share congrats.I  was surprised at how beautiful everyone looked, they def came correct.Around late lunch time, a delegation was sent to the him’s family house with food and drink following tradition. My girls told me that i was a beautiful moment, lots of food and drink were sent, the family greeted them with warmth.Around 4 :30 PM prayer time, my friend Mamy told me to go sit in the middle of the bed and not utter a word.Indeed it’s said that if you talk too much during the ceremony tha’s how your wedding would go and I certainly didnt want that.

my wedding godmother tantie Amy Paul
my wedding godmother tantie Amy Paul

The girls were really understanding and from time time they would check on me I ‘m telling you it was a wonderful sisterhood moment.Finally I received a message from Moha my friend telling me this was it, I was religiously wed , waouh.My single friends knocked on my head because it is said that it would give luck for marriage, of course some went really hard aie aie.Finally when the men came back from the mosk I was ushered downstairs and it was just a beautiful & profoundly deep moment when I felt like a woman, a married woman.All these men that I know personally or not looking at me with respect and wishing me luck on my new chapter is a moment that I will cherish for the rest of my life. After they left I was ushered upstairs for a change of look this time my auntie Atou had offered me a beautifulf bazin with golden pearls outfit, once again Mado worked her magic & so I went. Gretting people, kissing cheeks, saying amina here amen there.I was finally allowed to go outside of the house where the band was playing to greet the rest of my aunts, another gorgeous moment, following my dad ‘s lead I was saying hi here hi there J It was soon time for me to greet my in laws, they came strong looking gorgeous, we served them food they exchanged words with my family , gave me some money and so they left. Soon it was time for me to finish with the newlywed ceremony.I was ushered upstairs, took a good shower and my prayers abulutions, wore some new plastic shoes and a beautiful traditonal cloth,afterwards they covered my head and face with a veil (oh boy that veil’s color turned my whole face purple) they sat me in the middle of the backyard and started praying over me, giving praise to mum, dad.  My aunt Tabara  & washed my face with  cold water dripping all over my face and body .galfriends from back in the day

Some were fussing no you should’nt have done it while she was  dressed this way, some saying yes we should have lol  bref finally they changed me into this cotton white outfit and my parents came and gave me their last piece of  adivce ;My father teling me how great of a role model I have in my mother ect bref we were on our way to go meet my hubby excited nervous tired bref.At the door my brother Ibou told my husband camp that if they wanted to leave with me they had a to give him some money, a really funny and cute moment as well which lasted for thirty minutes.They finally obliged and we were on our way, when we arrived, the guyz made lots of noise and so I saw for the first time my hubby .That moment was special because my friends and him were really moved J some people may have cried not naming names lol

I ended up staying the three nights three days ceremony which I was set agaisnt from the get go but I have no regrets I know understand why it’s recomended it gives you time to spend with your spouse and his family, so voilà guyz my malian tradional wedding, I hope you enjoyed it !!

Thank you for the prayers, the love, till next time !


10 Responses to Despite the b… life is good Alhamdoulilah!

  1. BAP says:

    One of those special, i wish i was there, but in many ways i was. You are an amazing woman, and my bro is “the man”, so you guys deserve each other, and GOD will protect you from any evil eye and dirty mouth in shaa Allah, God always repay the heart and your have always been pure, you are genuinely good so you deserved it all and even more to come, just open your arms and enjoy the ride.
    “Allah bless you, and may He send blessings upon you, and may He unite you both in good.” Love always , your sister DD.

  2. Aminata C. says:

    Toutes mes félicitations Yaye et beaucoup de bonheur dans ton ménage!!!

  3. cosmicyoruba says:

    Congratulations Yaye!! I wish you a happy married life, all the best.

  4. Fatbinetou says:

    MachAllah. I am happy this wedding is just like you! May peace and sutura be with you guys for ever.

  5. Amina says:

    Mashallah! Heureux Menage Yaye et tous mes voeux de bonheur a toi et ton mari!
    Merci de partager quelques photos de ta ceremonie!! Mashallah!! Je vous souhaite que de bonnes choses!

  6. Rama W. says:

    Congratulations! Yal na am barké! U look beautiful, nice pics!

  7. Zubeda says:

    Mashallah, beautiful wedding! Congratulations all the way from Dar es Salaam.

  8. Gaceri says:

    I have been gleaning from your wisdom and good vibes since “coz we African women are doing it and doing it well” – and I should say kudos on a job well done!

    My most sincere congratulations to you and your husband. May God continue to guide you as you grow into a woman and wife of wisdom and great virtue.

    Please keep writing!

  9. Fafa says:

    Oh Yaye! I am so happy and so moved. You looked beautiful. What a great way to end the year. Cheers to the both of you and see you soon Inch Allah. Fafa.

  10. Shingayi Elle says:

    Congratulations on your Malian wedding. It looked so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. God bless and you in your new life.

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