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Laura Mvula @ the Raymond Weil Pre-Brit Awards Dinner

Laura Douglas grew up in Birmingham in a conservative musically enclined home.Both her parents loved music, her father was especially a jazz fan. As a child,she wasn’t really encouraged to listen to pop music , rather she had to take piano & violin lessons. Her classical background, her ear & appreciation for classical music & instruments is easily felt in her music.I am fascinated by the fact that she’s  only 26 years old yet the intricacy of her musicality is wise beyond her years.I am not a musician but in her songs like ” Can’t wait with the world” I can hear each instrument clearly. She is said to be the next big thing in 2013, yep her days as a receptionist at the Birminghan Conservatoire are long gone. Of those days behind her desk , she remenbers meeting many classically trained musicians and dreaming of one day collaborating on her  personal projects with them.

She’s influenced by gospel artists, contemporary artists such as Lauryn Hill. She’s nominated at the Brit Awards 2013.Mrs Mvula writes her own music ,there’s one song in particular that touches me called “Diamonds” that she penned after the death of an friend of hers. Listening & watching the way she conducts herself on various interviews,I see a sweet ,grounded artist.My fav’ song of hers as of  now is called “She”…simply touched my soul!! Her first album comes out March 4TH, be on the look out.

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