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Lately I’ve been studying  the world of magazine editors ,I am curious about the way they live their careers ect. I find that fashion editors at upscale Western magazines are rarely of African descent (if I’m wrong ,please correct me) so when I come across the profile of  Virginie Dhello the Congolese French fashion editor for Air France Madame Magazine of course I am in a hurry to share.With no journalism & styling backgroung but  with a strong passion for fashion she got her start in the 1990′s at the magazine L’Officiel.

Virginie Editorial Work for Madame Magazine

Virginie pour l'

Since then her curriculum vitae stayed enviable, she has worked for magazines such as Biba, Grazia Italia & Glamour for 5 years. She’s recognized for her one of a kind personal  style by magazines like Vogue France,The Coveteur.When she’s not buzy styling photo spreads & and attending fashion shows, she shares her love for beautiful things & fashion on her personal blog “Vee Post” where you can check her out.


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