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Salam people, happy saturday you guyz:) Thanks for choosing to stop by my place, grateful:)

So the last time I talked about Aissate was back in 2008 on my former blog “cos we african women are doing it and doing it well” .I can’t believe that it’s been that long since I’ve been writing already, but anywhoo you can find the piece here:

Checking back with her now in 2013, she’s still doing her thing, she has an album out called “Mieux vaut rire” (go girl) She’s also taking full advantage of  the social media world.She’s been interviewed by french local TV’s ,has great marketing promotion behind her, bref she has a team of people who believe in her and her talent. I was saddened to hear that she lost her brother, she credits him with inspiring her to keep going with her music. Aissate is still  chapmaning with her guitar & now performs with a band of talented musicians. Her music remains “music for the people” with conscious messages for example she has a song on her album entitled ” Sans Papiers”. La fille ” couleur chocolat”  leaves no one in doubt about her double heritage, her Fulani ancestry and her french “cada dia living”.She’s a down to earth artist who makes it a point to perform for children, people with disabilities and seniors, how rare is that for nowadays artists who are more about “the money, the money” to quote Jessie J .Her latest video is called “Change la donne” check it out , support a sista:)

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image


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