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Good morning it’s around 1AM here, quite late or early in the morning but I had to share the pics I took @ the Jant Bi all women show, amazinggg:) The 9 Jant Bi Jigeen brought it & had us with them all the way:) Got to shout out my 2 friends within this dance company: Fatou Samb & Touty Daffe, you did a wonderful job.Jant Bi is the dance school founded by Madame Germaine Acogny @ Toubab Jallow , Senegal.This piece was amazing, the 9 dancers exuded pure feminity & grace and their bodies were on poiiint lol. Through their dancing, they explored the topics of polygamy, of low & high self esteem, the issue of immigration, the  beauty of friendship, the beauty of the body..bref we travelled through womanhood.I loved it because the whole audience got the message, the choreography was tight, their costumes were nice, the chemistry

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Yessay that’s how you do a show, yes yes, yes it was lovely, it was inspiring , it was empowering ,loved it, loved it:) Fellow blogger and cultural activist ,Aicha aka “Ken” aka “wakhart”hosted a beautiful show over @ Just 4 You dakar and I was blown away by the gorgeous voices I just heard.Ken invited a few female chorists to be the stars for one night  & to show us what they are really about. Sista Ouly Sista Ouly opened the show with her reggae vibe and she was exceptional.Her lyrics were about children rights , life wisdom, yes she was dope. She’s def’ not a commercial artist but a real artist. Aicha Then Aicha took the stage, her music was a bit more religious she paid homage to her Mouride roots ,nice to hear a young lady representing for her religious convictions over jazzy soulful music. Khadija Right

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Had a wonderful day Alhamdoulilah, got home was a bit tired but I didn’t want to go 2 bed before thanking God for being able to smile, laugh, write, talk, eat,ect..bref thank u Lord! Yaye

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Un amour de femme, just un amour de femme are  the words that come to my mind when I think of  this Senegalese painter, juste un amour de femme (don’t know what that  means, read this article entirely and you will say it with me “un amour de femme”:) While pregnant with her first child , this buzy bee just couldn’t stand the idea of staying home watching tv (I know! I know  some of you would kill for that lol)  she got up one day bought some paint , brush and a canvas not knowing if she could paint or not. Embroidery ok, pottery ok those are some of the crafty things she enjoyed doing while she lived in France but painting she just had no idea .As it turned out she had an intuitive ability for it, the result 20 painting in almost 2 months…Even though her family

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Yesss Maryam finally published her beautiful coffee table book “Marrakesh by Design”.I’ve been a fan of her blog “My Marrakesh for a few years now and it’s awesome seeing her accomplish her goals . In her prior creative life, she worked in the humanitarian field while her hubby worked as an architect & they’ve travelled around the world. When it was time to find a  pied -a-terre , Marrakesh was it.Her millions of followers and I have been following the ups and downs of building her boutique hotel “Peacock Pavillions”.It’s been my dream to go spend a good week there, Inch’Allah one day non?:)In her blog and in her book, she’ll share  beautiful images of Maroccan beautiful interior design style, she’ll make you see little things like rugs, tea cups in a different way, she’ll make you appreciate color in a different way.Personally I feel that a successful bloger or

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Goood morning y’all, Alhamdoulilah 2day I fee”l blue as sky”…… I’m dancing , singing and all that jazz lol .Wanted to share a few pictures I took of this little girl having a blast at the capoera free style event which tool place this past saturday. Seeing her enjoying herself with Ibrahima (the capoerista on the pic) reminded me of the John Mayer’s song “Daughter”.It’s refreshing to see a little brown girl practicing a non traditional sport like brazilian art martial capoera.Yes you mums and dads out there please allow your children to explore all kinds of activities, this will only help  build their self esteem.I’ve noticed that this generation of parents is very hands on with the activities of their children.I see them hanging out at the Dakar Sea Plaza mall, taking their children to get ice cream…ect It’s good, it’s realy good:) Yaye

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Good morning guys:) It’s quite early here in Dakar but I can’t sleep lol so I figured I would share the beautiful experience that is Sia Tolno live:)  A couple of years ago I watched her on the Africa Stars show  produced by Claudy Siar.I remenber her for her big smile, big voice, curvacious shape & I remenber that she would always bring a smile on the faces of the different contestants ,guests and tv host.However what I didn’t know  and found out this weekend was how amazing of a songwriter & perfomer she is.Yep I had a grown woman in front me, not the cute young woman I remenbered and that was a BEAUTIFUL SURPRISE!On the show she was representing Guinea but I found out that she is Sierra Leonan. She was a uni student when the war started she quickly relocated to Guinea.There she sang at bars, clubs,

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Good day everyobdy:) Hope all is well & that you are navigating through the river of your life with hope & enthusiasm.Today’s post was inspired by this Dakarois city bayefall.Dakar bayefalls are known to be over the top persuasive in asking for donations, they do not hesitate to pursue you with their calabashes, their bargaining and they don’t stray away from physically touching you and sometimes it’s very irritating.This guy’s eagerness to smile for the camera made me realize that I needed to be a bit more tolerant towards other human beings. Lately I’ve been meeting and learning from people from various backgrounds in Senegal, learning what they are all about while staying true to myself.My religion contrarly to what misiformed people may think is a religion of peace and humility.We are encouraged to be kind , loving and tolerant toward each other.In one of my fav’ book “The Ideal

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Hello guys:) how are you all? Alhamdoulilah I’m doing good, I’ve been running & running some more trying to find interesting things to share with you all.Yesterday Yacine and I went to the first meeting hosted by the Senegalese Young Women Association and it was a nice little event.I’ve learned to what extent young professional women face sexual harassment here, it’s crazy.It’s one of the reasons why Mamy Fall, the President founded this association.Se was fed up with the inapropriate male executive and decision makers were treating women, basically in order to get a deal done  you had 2 sometimes (but enough times )close your eyes on their behaviors.I’ve heard stories of women who would go meet a male client, leave his office after the apointment and later on receive phone calls or text messages suggesting sexual unwanted invites , yes people it’s that crazy.The association would like to give

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