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A couple of weeks ago I went to see the documentary “Ladies Turn”  directed by Helen Harden .I’ve heard about it on the TV Talk show ” Plus d’Afrique”.I wanted to see it because I didn’t know anything about female soccer local players , I had never been to a game, never heard anything about them. The movie follows the lives of a few outspoken ball lovers, the difficulties they face to be accepted by their parents, the struggles the Ladies’ turn organization face to get adequate fundings in order to organize championship games , the camaraderie that is apparent among the players.Bref I realy enjoyed it,I was really touched by the passion of the Senegalese soccer team captain Seyni, she fought hard to get funding , to get media coverage, to get the legal authorizations in order to play in the main stadium.I was happy to hear that she


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Good morning you guys, hope you are all doing good and that you had a good weekend:) Wanted to share  a few good African songs that makes working out a bit easier for me.Songs by artists like D’Banj, Bracket & Wiz Kid, Akon, P Square,Molare and many others …posting a few videos.Do you have fav’ african songs that motivate you to work out?:) Yaye

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Salam you guyz , hope you are grinding and grinding some more, hope you are holding on the the internal you, hope you are not losing hope, hope you’ve told someone some kind words, hope you’ve loved someone today ..family member, a stranger, a friend, a life partner whoever just  THAT shared part of you:) I wanted to share pictures of  Aida a beautiful soul, a beautiful dancer.We’ve met briefly when she was here for the Biennale 2012. She performed with her gorgeous friend at the Hotel Sokhamon ,I couldn’t possibly miss it, it was beautiful, it was deep. Aida hope you come back to Dakar and you bless us with your gift sis, diarama:) Yaye

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Hey you guys, Happy blessed friday:) Today is a slow day for me just wanted to share this picture of water & lemon..summer is def’ around the corner & I’m feeling the need to live a healthier way:) I’m going to the graduation of my brother tomorow morning & the wedding of my cousin on sunday..Tonight I may be going to the premiere of the sports life documentary “Ladies Turn” , I’ve been looking forward to it all week ..oh and tomorrow there’s also a dance festival that I’ll be checking out so yes many many things to share, have a beautiful friday night & a good weekend. To the new readers,thank you for stopping by:) Yaye

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In the name of Allah:) Good morning you guys & happy belated mama day to you mothers out there, hope you had a beautiful time with your loved ones:) This weekend was a buzy one for me I went to two fashion events; Sira Vision on Saturday & on sunday the first ever bridal salon.Today’s post is all about Colle Sow Ardo yearly fashion show that I’ve been going to each year since I moved back.I enjoyed myself, it was a nice show despite the few techincal problems & the  delay.I really hope that next year the event will be held like last year  in the garden of the Almadies Hotel (better setting I believe). This year’s themes were friendship & peace , as you know Ivory Coast & Senegal went through dramatic political times but thank God things are looking up in both countries. The designers were strictly Ivoirian

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I featured Warsan on my former blog in 2009 (http://yayemarieba.blogspot.com/search?q=WARSAN) . She published her first book this year called :” Teaching my mother how to give birth” available on Amazon.com. I hear her profound honesty on her digital album “warsan versus melancholy” which is at times comfortable, sensual, heavy, soft, uncomfortable, poignant, deja vu.. she’s just she:) Warsan is surrounded by pure love, her facebook page, her official sites are made of love filled  with testimonials of followers  who find answers,questions , peace and love in her words, it’s quite impressive! She def’ makes you stop & think of your own feminity – womanhood , capacity of real loving, the hurt, the loss, the eagerness to love, the disappointments, the feeling of  being loved & loved back.http://warsanshire.tumblr.comhttp://vimeo.com/36289832 Yaye


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Eh oui a colorful clothing line for women going from size 8 to 24 not bad:) Love Voudin, a curvacious woman herself of Cameroonian/Frenchie roots came up with this fashion line after a trip to Cameroon in 2007. Her goal was to empower plus size women with a colorful line of great clothing items made in ethical cotton, bazin, leather ect. Her first collection for summer 2012 was quite popular within the online plus size community & was featured on several websites like Refinery 29. Love & her team are working on a new line , can’t wait to see what they will do this time.http://www.masaari.me Yaye

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Bringing solar light, reducing living cost for his people, decresasing unemployement rates… no wonder why Evans was named a CNN Heroe in 2010. As a young boy Evans was often figthing with his 3 other sibblings for kerosene light which fumes can cause respiratory & eye vision problems. While at Kenyan University of Agriculture working on a expirement with LED Christmas lights he had an aha moment; he figured that he could come up with solar lights solutions. Of course the path from it being an idea to it really being a viable solution took time .His family, the local artisans,the sustainable Development for All-Kenya ONG all backed  him up. Indeed today he is the chairman of that ONG.Today thousands of Kenyan villagers have  mwanga bora (good light in Swahili).Evans & his team linked up with another CNN Heroe Marie De Silva who started the Jacaranda School for children orphaned

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Happy June 1st, hope all is well with you guyz:) When  Habiba lost her  job as a sales & marketing person she turned that challenging moment in a a total career change. Habiba had no experience or training as a designer, however as any driven entrepreneur she had ideas, she drew sketches of her handbags.With the financial help of her brother & a friend who believed in Malhys , she knocked the doors of two microcredit French organizations which helped  her jump start her project. She got in touch with a shaper consultant who was impressed with her confidence & her project. This seasoned maroquinerie expert  opened to her  the doors of a very close industry. Malhys handbags are made with leather,  bazin (traditional malian fabric ) & Bogolan fabric which needs no introduction. You’ll find bags for all occasions , she has a night, ethnik,day,casual collections for women. She’s

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Yep I like me some milk coffee & sugar! I’ve heard about Gael Faye & Edgar Sekloka band’s “Milk Coffee Sugar” over the past years, however I’ve never taken the time to see & hear what they are all about.Through my research on Gael Faye, I’ve got a tiny bit taste of their artistry and I respect it:) They seem very organic about their art, the way they live it, the way they share it..mmm without fuss they grow in their projects, I like that aproach to work. Today’s post is about Gael, I’ll write about Edgar later.Gael lived is half Rwandan, half French, he lived in Bujumbara until the war struck.Already in love with words, when he moved to France he took writing class at his local art center.That’s how he met his Cameroonian French acolyte Edgar and the Milk Coffee Sugar adventure started in 2004.And since then they’ve

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